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Video Arcade Game & Pinball Machine Repair, Buy, Sell, Trade

We buy, sell, repair, and trade 80s and 90s video arcade games and pinball machines in Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas.


We first started repairing arcade games when we bought an original Ms. Pacman, back in August of 2011.  The game was purchased off of craigslist and had been stored in a dusty, smelly, and extremely dirty old shed.  The shed and dilapidated buildings around it of course had "no power".  While the game was filthy and we found out it did not work when we took it home and plugged it in, we were still excited to have it.  We did some research to see if anyone in Albuquerque or other nearby cities could fix our game, but, to our suprise, there was no one.  All the arcade repair technicians were either not around anymore or didn’t want to bother with these old games anymore.  With no options except taking the game to another State for repair, we decided to learn how to fix it ourselves.  After doing countless hours of research we had a game plan (no pun intended) to get the arcade game up and running again.  A few weeks later we had the game torn down, rebuilt the monitor, checked the power supply, repaired the game board, cleaned everything, and put it all back together again. To our amazement we now had a working Ms. Pacman of our own.   We enjoyed the game so much that we started traveling to other states to get more game to bring home and add to our collection.  Soon we were fixing games for friends and family.  Then, before we knew it, we had a house and garage full of games and a few years of repairs under our belts.  Since we enjoyed this hobby so immensely and saw a need for arcade repair technicians in New Mexico, we decided to open our own business buying, selling, and collecting these classic 80s and 90s arcade and pinball machines.  Join the fun and “Coin-up the 80s” with us!

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