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We buy, sell, repair, and trade 80s and 90s video arcade games and pinball machines in Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas.

Updated 5/9/18

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1981 Williams Stargate Arcade - $450

Fully working / Decent condition

The player's ship flies over a horizontally scrolling planet surface, protecting friendly humanoids from alien abduction. Destroying all enemies advances you to the next wave. Loss of all humanoids destroys the planet until it is reinstated every fifth wave.

1989 Sega Turbo Outrun Cabaret- Sold

Fully Working / New Side Art & Vinyl

The player drives a Ferrari F40 across the USA. There are 16 stages to complete.

1980's Pacman Arcade - SOLD

Fully Working Midway Pacman with and upgraded board that plays 60 classic games in one cabinet.  

2002 Pacman 25th Anniversary -Sold

Plays Pacman, Mrs Pacman & Galaga / Fully Working / Home edition (no coin door) 

1980 Midway Galaga Arcade - sold

Fully Working / Decent Condition